What is Surrogacy?

Surrogacy refers to the transfer of solid embryos collected by IVF procedure on patient’s uterus and sperm cells to the healthy and fertile recipient. The baby has identical genetic structure with the parents. The surrogate donor is the carrier and fertile individual.

Who are eligible for Surrogacy?

• The women without uterus for congenital reasons
• The women with removed uterus by surgery (tumor, myoma, cancer, etc.)
• The women suffering repetitive miscarriage
• The women failing to have solid uterus for pregnancy
• The women with Ashermann Syndrome (the women ineligible for pregnancy regardless of healthy uterus)
• The women bearing risk for pregnancy or birth (the women with serious cardiac and lung diseases or coagulation disorders posing vital risks) .
• The women with congenital anomalies
• The homosexual couples
• The women avoiding pregnancy for social reasons

Who are eligible for Surrogacy?

• Young and healthy women
• The women without infectious diseases
• The women without alcohol, cigarette or drug abuse
• The women gave birth to a healthy child previously
• The women without diabetes or pre-eclampsia in previous pregnancy
• The women eligible for surrogacy considering social and psychological aspects
• The women without chronic diseases (diabetes, hypertension, etc.)
• The women without weak or obese state (under normal standards in body-mass index)

How this process begins? How the families get prepared biologically?

The first step in surrogacy starts with the application for this procedure followed by preliminary tests.

Subsequently, the egg development phase starts for the mother and lasts for 10 to 12 days in average.

Following egg development and preparation phases, egg donation is performed in our Georgia branch. In the same day, the egg is fertilized with sperms collected from the father under laboratory conditions and the embryos are transferred to surrogate mother.

The babies born by this method has identical genes with the parents. In other words, the parents are biological parents. The baby shall not have the genes of surrogate mother.

In addition to surrogacy procedure, egg and sperm donation are also performed in case of critical conditions such as ovary/sperm unavailability, low ovary/sperm quality, decrease in egg quantity, genetic disorders, etc. The egg samples collected by IVF procedure are then transferred to surrogate mother after fertilization with the sperms.

How the surrogate mothers get prepared?

In addition to routine blood tests and psychological examinations implemented to determine whether surrogate mother is ready for pregnancy, certain psychological tests and interviews are also applied by the expert team.

The treatment procedure starts with the second or third day of menstrual period. In this procedure, the uterus is prepared for the embryos to be transferred by relevant medications. This preparation lasts around 17 to 20 days under doctor supervision. This procedure is also applied to the frozen embryos (if any). If frozen embryos are not available, the uterus of surrogate mother is synchronized with IVF treatment through recently collected embryos.

Legal Procedures in Surrogacy

The agreement with surrogate mother and the maternity procedures are not performed in Cyprus due to the lack of legislation. Therefore, this procedure is performed in Georgia.

A contract including all legal rights and regulations shall be signed between relevant parties prior to treatment. This contract is made to grant parental rights for biological parents.

By following legal procedures, the parents become legal custodians of the baby whereas surrogate mothers shall not claim any right on the baby. Furthermore, the names of biological parents are recorded on the birth certificate.

In order to fulfill legal requirements and protect the rights of applicants, a contract is made through expert lawyers in respect of surrogacy.

This procedure is also applicable to single men in accordance with the stated regulations.

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